According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a person turns 50 every seven seconds and 10,000 people turn 59 every day. A large portion of America's active older adults are seeking new housing choices. There is a growing need for more aged care jobs and medical jobs specifically for the elderly. To find the Hot jobs in aged care and health visit:

Elders are looking for ways to enjoy the company of friends in a supportive setting providing independent housing and the benefits of community. Real estate agents , builders and other housing professionals are also coming on board and are understanding the need for housing targetted at older people. Medical research conducted by American and Australian Doctors has found significant health benefits to having strong social ties.


Cohousing communities are usually designed as attached homes such as townhouses and duplexes or stand alone family homes along one or more pedestrian streets or clustered around a central courtyard. The sizes of these communities range in size from 7 to 70 residences, the majority of them housing 20 to 40 households or so. Regardless of the size of the community, there are many opportunities for casual meetings between neighbors, as well as for deliberate gatherings such as street parties, celebrations, clubs and business meetings.

The common house is the social center of a community, often with a large dining room and kitchen, lounge, recreational facilities, children’s spaces, and frequently a guest room, workshop and laundry room. Communities can serve optional group meals in the common house at  two or three times a week depending on your local community.

The need for community members to take care of common property builds a sense of working together, trust and support. Because neighbors hold a commitment to a relationship with one another, almost all cohousing communities use consensus as the basis for group decision-making.


Cohousing came to the U.S. 15 years ago from Denmark, where intergenerational communities gave birth to a successful, age-specific cohousing model for active elders and seniors. The first elder/senior-only cohousing neighborhoods for active adults, 55 and above, are just now emerging in the U.S. Design features include easy access for all levels of physical ability and also may include optional studio residences in the common house to provide living quarters for home health aides whose services may be shared by several residents.


These communities are always looking for ways for older citizens to enjoy the company of friends in a supportive setting as part of independent housing and with the benefits of being part of a community.

Cohousing has been in the United States since the first multi-generational neighborhood was completed in Davis, CA in 1991. Learn more at the Cohousing Association of America.

Cohousing Neighborhoods are a housing model which offers pro-active adults, 55 and above, the opportunity to live interdependently and "age in community" within a close - knit group of neighbors. These are save and secure environments with good facilities.

Options for home owner ship include co housing communites, house and land packaes in new estates that offer good facilities, buying land and building and renting a home from a property management specialist.


House and Land packages


Another option is for people is to buy a house and land package , and these can be found by visitng relevant website on the internet.  You can also rent a home or property or use a building brokers to build a home in a country such as Australia and they can be found in Google by entering search terms such as Real Estate Agents Brisbane .

These offer good housing with good access to facilities and they come in quality housing estates were there are facilities similar to those in co housing neighbourhoods in America.

An option for perspective co housing owners is for them to rent a home in an estate first. For this you will need to contact a property manager who manages some of the properties in the estate. As well as this do not rule out For sale by owner properties, this is were people sell their own homw instad of going thru a real estate agent.

Property Management

Good property management is important in these communities and for residents and tenants no matter what your age is. A good property manager who will help look after a property for an owner. Repairs are done quicker, the property will be in better condition and you will have less hassles. So if you are renting or planning to live in a good community find a property that is run by a good property manager.

Jobs in this industry

With the significant growth in the elderly housing maket area there is going to be an everincreasing need for staff upskilling and new employment opertunities become available almost daily

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Home Improvement

When you own your new home you need to make sure you look after it. As  you get older it becomes harder to do repairs yourself but they still need to be done. When it comes to home improvement or repair it is important to use good tradesman.


When buying property it pays to be careful and find out about the devloper or land estate you are buying in.

Calypso Bay has a bad reputation and the developer Roche Group are also know as a developer not to get involoved with.